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Evolution of housing demand: new vs. old
The structure and dynamics of this indicator are quite different in the country's major regional centers. Beyond the periodic statistics on price variations recorded on the residential market, an important sign of the "going" market... (read more)
Apartment and house prices: a third under 10 years ago
The growth rate recorded last year was lower than in 2016. During 2017, the claims of homeowners in Romania - both apartments and homes - have kept their upward trend. According to the Quarterly Market Report published by Real Estate Analytics,... (read more)
Why do the homes become more expensive?
The causes behind this development are multiple and differ according to the analyzed market segment. From the second half of 2014 onwards, housing prices in Romania are on an upward trend overall (despite some minor variations) . A good year for... (read more)
Apartment prices in 2017: rises have slowed down the end of the year!
Among the major regional centers, the lowest annual advance was recorded in the capital. At the beginning of 2018, you probably have some plans in mind - or even desires! - for the year ahead. If some of your goals are in the realm of real... (read more)