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Opportunity for those who want a house in the yard: how would cost land?
Many buyers, especially families with children, want to get away from the agitation of urban life. For the inhabitants of the big regional centers, headed by Bucharest, buying a house with some yard is a real challenge from a financial point of... (read more)
Advantage for the buyer: The 5% VAT can be extended - see how!
The new regulations would support those interested in purchasing a new home, especially in large cities. According to the current Tax Code, when buying a newly built home, Romanians have to pay VAT. Buyers benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 5% -... (read more)
5 things to watch out if you want a facility (that) the designer!
Beyond the chromatic scheme and the chosen pieces of furniture, there are a number of subtle details that can make a major difference in an ambient. Ideally, anyone would like a home-like magazine. The simplest way to reach this goal would, of... (read more)
Start for the First House in 2018: less money than in 2017, with minimum chances of extra
After several good months of waiting, those interested in contracting a co-guaranteed state loan receive a "green light" to get financing. Because of lack of funds, Prima House program was virtually blocked in the last quarter well) last... (read more)
The Romanian market, again a safe bet for investors!
Large foreign developers are launching new projects locally, starting off with bold, different concepts. During the recession, there was a time when the appetite for housing construction in Romania was supported, to a considerable extent, by... (read more)
Residential growth is growing, but not everywhere: the fragmentation and polarization of this sector
Local market development is very asymmetrical, as centers of interest are the main regional centers. Starting in 2014, there is talk of a clear return of the domestic residential market on an ascending course. Growth tends to be felt both in terms... (read more)
Could the houses start cheap in 2018?
The evolution of the local market is in close correlation with that in the Eurozone. For over three years now, we've been accustomed to making homes more expensive. There are, however, analysts who believe that the current cycle of economic... (read more)